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We’re looking for someone who loves developing websites and applications with a purpose to join our team and add to our culture.

Smart, dedicated people can pick up new languages and frameworks relatively quickly, so we do not have hard requirements for experience in specific languages or frameworks. But all things considered, strong performance in WordPress templating and client-side JavaScript are two of the main skill sets you would utilize on a daily basis, so they’re big pluses.

Experience with WordPress, SASS, Twig/Timber, Laravel, relational databases with millions-to-billions of rows, and social media APIs are all plusses but none are a hard requirement.

How do you know if you’d be a good fit?
– Are you the kind of person who always has a few projects going on at once?
– Do you sometimes stay up late at night tinkering with new languages and frameworks, or hacking away at an undocumented API?
– Are you the kind of person who isn’t afraid of making and admitting a mistake — and then learning from it?
– Do you enjoy learning from people with different backgrounds and skills than your own?
– Are you interested in utilizing digital tools and data to increase personal and economic freedom for more people?


Job Detail
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